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Dr.Sardeshmukh is a young & talented consultant in Indian vastushastra, pyramidshastra, fengshui. He started learning vastu under the guidance of prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt (pyramid vastu). He later obtained Pyravastu Expert Degree from Baroda & Vastu Ratna AIFAS (Delhi). He has also obtained Diploma in Vastushastra from Nagpur University & VastuShastrAcharya from AIFAS (Delhi).

VastuTathastu is fully devoted to the development of vastu shastra and has taken steps to bring our Vedic culture back by specializing in Vastu Shastra.
We do the most sincere and honest attempt in spreading the knowledge of Vastu Shastra, which has been lost in the recent times where society is influenced by westernized culture. We are making people aware of the science that is very natural. Our primary services are Vastu Shastra consultation of any kind of residential, commercial and spiritual vastu projects. We provide easy vastu solution at minimum cost.

VastuTathastu combines knowledge and practicality as essential tools for delivering the best of the best for which you will be always proud of. We find the problems of your house/office, correct it by giving remedies and make a proper balance of the five elements at the place. We just simply follow our Vedic culture and encourage the younger generation to do the same.

Along with Vastu Shastra, we also help the society by giving consultation on Astrology, Numerology, PyraVastu, Raiki Technique, Social/Family Matters, Tarot Reading etc.

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