Makrannd Sardeshmukh

(Founder & Director )

Vedic Vastushastra & Astrology Specialist

Building Biologist

Geopathologist (Greece Europe)


Energy Architect

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Makrannd  Sardeshmukh is a consultant in Vedic architecture and astrology / numerology. He has been providing architectural and astrological guidance in India as well as abroad for 19 years.  is a trusted institution in the Vastu universe. This organization has provided excellent service to millions of customers till date.

  1. Best consultant in vedic vastu architecture and Astrology / Numerology
  2. Great experience of 19 years in vastu and astrology –
    1. Vedic Vastushastra Diploma – Kalidas University, Nagpur
    2. Vedic Jyotish (P.G.D.M)
    3. Jyotish Ratn – AIFS Delhi
    4. Geopathology Degree – Greek Institute of Geopathology (Greece Europe)
    5. Geo Engineers Degree
    6. Mahavastu Expert Delhi
    7. Bhaskar Bhushan Award
    8. P.H.D in Vastu Shastra
  3. Youtube Channels
    1. Vastu Tips – Vastutathastu
    2. Vastutathastu
  4. Best Services provided on digital platform like :
    1. Daily Panchang on Facebook/Instagram
    2. Vastu tips/ Vastu Video on youtube
    3. For any queries can also contact on whatsapp.
  5. Easy video online plan consultancy and kundali guidance.
  6. Office at prime location, near sarasbaug Ganapati, 10 minutes away from swarget.
  7. Provides hospitable treatment to every visitors and clients.

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