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Dr. Shri.Makarand Sarddeshmukh
Young & talented leading consultant in Indian vastushastra, pyramidshastra, fengshui, from Pune. He has learned vastushastra under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt (pyramid vastu).
He later obtained Pyravastu Expert Degree from Baroda & Vastu Ratna AIFAS (Delhi).
He has also obtained Diploma in Vastushastra from Nagpur University & VastuShastrAcharya from AIFAS (Delhi).

• Vastu Ratna
• Gold Medalist
• Vastu Rushi
• Vastu Expert
• Rajiv Gandhi Vastu Shiromani Award
• Rajiv Gandhi Vastu Excellence Award


Welcome to VastuTathastu...
We VastuTathastu, take immense pride to introduce ourselves as one of the leading service providers in Pune for Vastu Shastra, Fengshui, Pyravastu, and Building Biology Planning of any premises without damaging and alteration.
We provide most Advanced Vastu Analysis and Vastu Fault Finding Services using tools and techniques like Lecher Antenna, Dowsing Rods, EMF Meters, Pendulum etc.

Lecher Antenna

We have speciality in Geopathic Stress Analysis for Residential, Commercial Buildings, Flats, Hotels, Offices, Industries etc.
With our spiritual skills , we identify and analyse Roots of Health Problems using the above mentioned tools and techniques

Often when nothing seems to be going the right way, disenchanted by the mortal world, we turn to the cosmic horizons to seek solace. We believe that the design of a house or dwelling has a great impact upon our lives. Problems can be attributed to the design of our home.
With our prime expertise in Vastu and in depth knowledge of Pyravastu and other areas, we have helped innumerable people.
Clients have used our services for improving and solving the problems of their businesses and personal lives and got prosperity in their businesses and other aspects of life.
We use the knowledge of Vastu to provide you with a better and auspicious way of constructing your home, the positions and directions of gates for instances, the doors and rooms etc. With our services, we maximize the positive energies within the dwelling and thus provide all round prosperity and happiness.
If you are considering building a house, we will also provide you with a complete architectural layout of your proposed home built according to the principles of Vastu Shastra, Pyravastu and Feng Shui. We can provide you solutions, which would help you to make a more harmonious, prosperous and happier home.

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