Makrannd Sardeshmukh

(Founder & Director )

Vedic Vastushastra & Astrology Specialist

Building Biologist

Geopathologist (Greece Europe)


Energy Architect


Following are some services which are provided by the Vastutathastu. Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Remedies, Vastu Shastra and personal consulting etc. Vastutathastu does not follow assistant method. These all services are provided by Shri.Makrannd Sardeshmukh himself. He himself gives vastu consultation or patrika guidance. Any guidance or consultation you may take, even after purchasing small product Vastutathastu always remain connected to their clients. This benefits our client and us also. Vastutathastu always try to give best and perfect services to their client and will continue to give.

Astro Kundali

During Vastu consultation, our expert provides necessary details pertaining to the site, plot soil, etc. with full scrutiny and examination. The projects which we have been...


Astrology is an ancient Hindu shashtra. It is born in the Indian lands and have spread all over the world. Jyotish shashtra is the ancient systemof astrology. It is also called as...


Numerals have some attachment to every person and some numbers have greater impact in each individual's life. Through our prediction, we will be able to tell our client...

Vastu Remedies

If one doesn’t have vastu according to the rules of vastu shastra then it’s going to our duty that after Vastu consultation we correct it by applying vastu remedies where there is any type of vastu dosh.

Vastu Shashtraa

Vastu is a science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balance them with man and material. It is all about the interactions of various forms of best..
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