Power of Pyramid Yantra
It can help you in all phases of life; let it be for love, business or health. Inside the catalog there are tools that can be used for vastu and Fengshui corrections, for personal help and for professional use.
Tools to explore:
Prosperity kit , MAX , Wish Pyramid  and many other.

Wealth & Prosperity
They say money can’t buy happiness. But in Pyra vastu terms, the meaning of wealth & prosperity has far wider implications. Using Pyramids can help to bring abundance into your life & provide yourself with the kind of enrichment that will bring true happiness.
Tools to explore:
Marriage Pyramid, Pyron - Love, Harmony Pyramid and many more.

Marriage & Love
Whether you’ve always been ‘unlucky in love’, or having problems in attracting a mate. Pyramids can help you to enrich your love, harmony and marriage life.
Tools to explore:
Marriage Pyramid, Pyron - Love, Harmony Pyramid and many more.

Family & Peace
Do you know you should start your Pyra Vastu even before you move in a new house; it starts of the land itself. As family is very important part in our lives, proper attention must be given.
Tools to explore:
Vastu Sleep, Peace & Meditation seat, Harmony Pyramid and many more.

Money & Fortune
Here’s your chance to invite good fortune and to attract more money at your shop, office or factory with Pyramid power.
Tools to explore:
Fortune seat, Prosperity kit, PyraCards, Pyron - Wealth, Swastik Gold and many more.

Education & Children
Pyramids can improve the concentration and also the health and vitality of your children.
Tools to explore:
Education Pyramid, PyraCard - Energy & Vitality, Pyron for Children and many other.

Health & Pain-relief
To be healthy is not to be only disease free! By using Pyramid power in our lives we can improve our health, in terms of illness at all three levels – body, mind and soul.
Tools to explore:
Multi-energy belt range, Health 9x9 kit, StressPad, Slim-x and Backache kit and many other.

Career & Workplace
If you feel stuck in a rut at work, overlooked for promotion and want a total change of career or a business, Pyramid can help you to improve your sales, money flow or job opportunity.
Tools to explore:
PyraCard - Business & Career, Pyron - Career, Wish Pyramid and other inside.

Good-Luck & Wellness
Pyramids can enhance luck and can be used for personal benefit or that of home, shops and offices.
Tools to explore:
Prosperity kit, PyraCards - Luck Fortune, Energy 9x9, Fortune Plate and many more.

Protection & Purification
It is very important to protect your main door from all evil energies. Pyramid can be used in cars for safety. Purifying the negative energy inside the rooms with fire is also necessary.
Tools to explore:
PyraFire, Protect 9x9 for door and car and many more.

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