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8 Direction Crystals

These crystals work to increase the energy in the house in 8 directions. With the proper Vastu Visit / Plan consultancy under the guidance of an expert, you should put the crystals on auspicious days of those colors in those directions.

Black Pendant

Great for protecting yourself from the negative energy around you and the negative magnetic field. Can be wore around the neck or held close. Anyone from small children to the elderly can hold it.

Car Pyramid

Car Pyramid is extremely useful for the safety of a car or any four wheelers. Placing this device on the dashboard of the car creates positive energy inside and outside the car and thus creates a strong safety net.

Carnelian Crystal Tree

This crystal tree is made of carnelian stone. Place this tree on the southeast and south side of your home. This tree represents planet Mars. It promotes confidence and endurance, business, wealth and health, and prosperity in all its forms.

Ekmukhi Rudraksha

Financial problems, obstacles in work, health deteriorating, and money should not be worn, ekmukhi rudraksha should be wear around the neck on Monday. Helps to control blood pressure, stress and anxiety.

Gaj Lakshmi

The elephant idol should face north. The idol should be a happy posture made of wood, metal, marble, brass trunk. Gajlakshmi idol brings wealth and longevity in the house.

Gomti Chakra Tree

Gomti Chakra Tree is very good for financial growth, financial gain and to increase the positive energy in the house. By placing at the north and northwest side of the house leads to commercial success and economic progress.

Green Crystal Tree

This tree is auspicious to keep in north or northeast direction. This crystal tree creates positive energy in the house. It can be placed in the hall or kitchen. Beneficial to keep in a children's room.

Kuber Moti Yantra

The north direction is the direction of wealth. Its gem is pearl and its deity is Kubera. The combination of the two is the Kuber Moti Yantra. Beneficial for wealth growth, money opportunities, business growth and financial success. This Yantra should be worshiped facing north facing south.

Maha Kuber

The Mahakuber idol should be placed facing north in your house. It should be kept in worship on Monday or at the time of Lakshmi Puja. The very beautiful, attractive Kubera idol of the original brass metal is very useful for wealth, prosperity and well-being.

Max Pyramid

These devices are very useful for northwest and southwest orientation. Placing at southwest increases wealth stability and placing at northwest leads to better fulfillment of desires, improves relationships and leads to business success.

Memory and Concentration Pyracard

School children can keep it in a backpack or compass. Beneficial for increasing the concentration of children while studying.

Money and Finance Pyracard

You can keep this card close to yourself. It gives money stability.

Om Mani Bracelet

Holding Tiger Eye protects you from bad vibrations. Grows confidence, mind and health stays balanced and success easily get achieved.

Pachmukhi Rudraksha Mal

In Rudraksha, Lord Shiva's Shivatatva is awakened. Wearing a five-faced Rudraksha necklace creates a wealth of stability and a strong protective shield. Can hold Monday. Holding on to it increases religiosity so that positive energy grows and your work goes smoothly.

Shri Yantra

In order to bring happiness and prosperity in your home, Vastutathastu Shri Yantra should be installed in the temple. The king of all yantras is Shri Yantra. Due to its worship and adoration, there is Lakshmi Kripa, there is prosperity.

Sphatik Mal

For good health, business, job, prosperity, to keep the mind calm, one should wear the original sphatik mal around one's neck. Women and men can use this necklace. There are no rules.

Vaastu Frog

Vastu Frog is considered as a friend for the financial progress of your home. Keep it inside the house as per the advice of experts. Great for good luck and new money opportunities.

Vastu Maha Nandadip

Very Useful for Navratra, Dasra Diwali or you can use it all year.

Vastu Om

It is extremely useful for troubleshooting of main door defects. Putting on the main door protects the house from outside evil forces, negative energy. This image is created by studying the length and width of Vastu Om and this is why its effect increases.

Vastu Shuddhi Lamp

Vastu Shuddhi lamps should be placed in the hall of the house or in the southeast direction. Burning camphor in it creates auspicious energy in the house. Can be lit in the morning and evening. Great for boosting positive energy in the home.

Vastu Sugandh Agarbatti

Vastu sugandh agarbatti is a chemical free agarbatti of sandal fragrance. There is 30 sticks in each box of agarbatti. One stick will burn upto 1 hour.

Vastu Sugandh Bhimseni Kapur

This can be used to burn while doing puja or any devotional function. It is chemical free, shapeless and transparent camphor. From these qualities one can identify original bhimseni camphor.

Vastu Sugandh Devtila

One can use it for daily puja. It does not leave any stain on god's idol or frame. It is of sandal fragrance and chemical free.

Vastu Sugandh Kapurkon

It is Hina fragrance camphor cone. Can be used as car freshner or room freshner. One cone will last for a month.

Vastu Surya

Educational difficulties may occur in the house of the house whose sun direction is closed to the east. For this, Vastu Surya image should be put on the east wall. This image is created by studying the length and width of the sun and this is why its effect increases.

Vastutathastu Brass Nandi

You can keep it in office or place of business. It attracts wealth.

Vastutathstu Brass Kasav

Placing brass kasav idol in the house brings happiness, Longevity and Good Fortune.

Wind Chimes

Northwest direction is about relationships, business, and dream fulfillment. There are two elements in this direction, metal and air. A 6-pipe gold wind bell should be installed in the house to give that elements strength and power. This keeps the auspicious principles awake in the northwest
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