Numerals have some attachments to every person and some numbers have greater impact in each individual’s life. Through our prediction, we will be able to tell our clients the name and number, which suits them. Our numerological services are a blend of accurate mathematics and domain expertise. Our founder is blessed with both of these aspects and ensures accuracy in each of his findings. For accurate numerological services, we require exact date, It is a calculative science running on law of vibrations. Existing in India since the time of Vedic mathematics, it has universal applications as all mathematics calculation fixing results. Modern numerology is an integration of the teachings from Ancient Babylonia, Pythagoras and his followers (6 th Century B.C. Greece ). Each alphabet is assigned a number and holistic approach of native’s name is taken along with his date of birth to make predictions about future.
Each word and alphabet has a certain vibrations. When ever the name of a person is taken it produces an effect on the aura or environment of native thereby leading a change in his thought process, letting an individual develop those characteristics, represented by his name.
Study of numerology takes into account various minor and major numbers and whether they are in sync with each other. Depending on the forces operating at the time of birth, the shape is given to the pathway of one’s life.
Calculation is done on the basis of Pythagorean method where each alphabet is assigned a number like a=1, h=8, m=4 etc.

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