Vastu Shastra - Flats

We have some keen observation on construction of flats , generally flats means nothing but group of houses, whether they belong to one building called as an Apartment, or some houses at group called as Gated Community. Construction of flats as per vastu is not simple. The number of flats in one complex, common wall for adjacent flats, placement of kitchen and bathrooms make things more difficult. The following principles should be followed for the benefit of the flat owners. Vastu applies to everybody and every construction. The population is increasing day by day and the accommodation is shrinking. So apartments have started coming up. Apartments are mushrooming. Even if farmhouses come up on houses tomorrow it will be no wonder. In this background, vastu science alone makes a house or apartment eligible to dwell. Today apartments are sprouting everywhere and they are publishing that their vastu is 100% perfect. But observing carefully you will find them totally lacking in vastu. Some people express the doubt that an apartment is high above the ground and so what is the need of vastu for it. In fact it is on the ground or above the ground. Only earth is solid and stationary among the five elements. The remaining four are spread over the entire place. So vastu is important for an apartment also.

  • The site should be four sided, square or rectangular in shape, with southwest angle to be 90 degrees.
  • North, east or north east roads would be good with two gates, one in east and other one at north. Besides northeast, southwest or north- west blocks are also good.
  • Ground levels should be sloping towards Northeast and the ground levels in South west should be higher than all other sides.
  • An open well or a bore well should essentially be dug in Northeast before the commencement of the construction.
  • More open space should be left in east and north compared to west and south.
  • Balconies should be on the north, east or north- east directions preferably.
  • Kitchen should be placed in southeast ( Agneya )or North West but never in Northeast ( Eshan )
  • Pent houses should be planned in Southwest on the terrace.
  • Staircases should be on the south, west or south west directions and it should never be on north and east directions because the larger head room on north east is not acceptable.
  • Main entrance to the flat should be from Northeast towards East or North, Southeast towards South, Northwest towards West with proper observations that you can place the main door at East, South, West, North side also.
  • Cellar should be kept under the northern or eastern portion of the complex and not on the southern and western side.
  • North-east cellar can be used for parking of vehicles.
  • Open area in the north-east should be used for lawns, bore wells and sumps.
  • Open area in the north-east can also be used for temporary parking.


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