Using Crystals in Feng Shui

How You Can Enhance the Energy in Your Home with Quartz Crystals

Crystals represent Earth energy, one of the five Chinese elements along with Wood, Fire, Water and Metal. On the Bagua, a tool used by feng shui practitioners, Earth energy supports Partnership, Love and Romance. It also represents Mother energy, or the female head of household (the areas of the Bagua have many layers where family members consist of the parents, three daughters and three sons). Placing a quartz crystal in this area of your home or bedroom will enhance these areas in your life. This area will be in the far right corner, while standing at your front door, or door to any room.

Earth also enhances Metal:
The Metal element will be found on the middle right of your space, while standing in the doorway. Children, creativity and future opportunities are represented by Metal energy. This area of the Bagua also supports the third (youngest) daughter in a family. Crystals placed here will enhance this area, as well.

Earth controls Water:
Crystals placed near the doorway (Water) will, perhaps, slow down a runaway workload (Career). This area also represents the middle son, so you can place a crystal here to help cure a rebellious son!

The color of crystals can also contribute to the effect of the cure. To improve romance, a rose quartz (pink) or amethyst (purple) is best. To enhance creativity (Metal) you can add a quartz crystal (clear/white).

How to Use Crystal Balls
A crystal ball is a multi-faceted sphere that hangs from a string. They come in various sizes: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm 50mm. The 40mm is similar to a golf ball. The sunlight is refracted through the facets creating a rainbow of light, which is considered very auspicious. Crystal balls are used often in areas that need either to deflect negative energy or bringing in positive energy.

Some examples:
Neutralize Negative Energy
A crystal placed in the middle of a long narrow hallway can deflect the rushing energy.
At the bottom of stairs that are leading out a front door, a crystal can deflect the energy to encourage it to spend some time on the entry floor before going upstairs.

Attract Positive Energy
A crystal placed over the middle of a convalescent’s bed attracts health. Rainbow light coming from a crystal placed in a sunny window also attracts the positive.

How to Find Crystals?
Locally, you can look for crystals at new-age stores. There are places where you can mine for quartz crystals. This process can be extremely satisfying and can have a more impact, lasting cure to enhance your life. Do an internet search to find a mining location near you. And, of course, there are lots of sites where you can purchase both primitive and polished crystals. Well exactly. It’s extremely difficult to do this kind of work on your own. And I thought I can give you some help - with what I know best - crystals.

What Can Crystals Do for You?

What will you say if your life challenges can possibly become a thing of the past? If these no longer hinder you from getting ahead, you will be able to experience all the exhilaration that life has to offer you, don’t you agree?
Here’s the breaking news. You will love to know. It’s about tap into the powerful energy of the crystals. It’s totally natural and non manipulative.
You can use the power of crystals to achieve what you want even if you are a complete novice.

Following are the areas of life where any human being will need help

You work hard. The tired and worried lines in your face prove it. Yet business is not picking up. Often you wonder, lying awake at night why others who aren’t as business savvy and less brainy are getting ahead of you.

You struggle and fight a losing battle with your rampant weight gain. How many times have you sweat it out to lose a few pounds only to gain it all back again. Worst, you know from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 300,000 premature deaths each year are attributed to obesity.

You set goals. You put up strategic plans. You attended seminars, listen to audio CDs and read self help books but none seems to propel you closer to your desire. You just don’t have the energy and motivation to continue. What should you do?

Happiness :
Has life lost its sweetness? It comes to a standstill since that incident. What a starkly contrast to the lively you of the yesteryears. Have you been fair to yourself? Aren’t you tired? It’s time to let go of your emotional baggage and move on.

You find it hard to attract the right person into you life. You dated countless times but none turn out successful—either you have difficulties sustaining the relationship or you don’t feel connected to the other party. You are envious whenever you see a loving couple. You are happy for them, yet secretly your fear of loneliness never leave you all these while.

Why Should You Believe in The Power of Crystals?

Until recent decades, the secrets behind harnessing the power of crystals were never made known commonly. Only the selected and privilege few—the ancient Egyptian priest, the sage, seer or members of the Royals—have access to these information.

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